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Pureland Rainforest Protection

The PURELAND Zero emission removal project has the objective to preserve the existing primeval forest cover on an area of 841.7 hectares in the Térraba Sierpe National Wetlands in Costanera Sur on the Osa peninsula in Puntarenas province in Costa Rica.

Why Save Rainforests?

It is vital that we all join forces in fighting against climate change. We know how to protect the environment – we just have to do it.  Rainforests are the green lungs of the earth. Although they only make up 2 percent of all land, they sequester the majority of greenhouse gases man and animals produce around the globe every day.

We lose 18.7 million acres of forests per year, which is an equivalent of 27 soccer fields EVERY MINUTE.


Fighting Climate Change

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about half of the rainforests have already fallen victim to deforestation.  

What is worse are estimates that 20 to 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions are actually caused by the deforestation process itself.

Without rainforests, we won’t have clean air to breathe. Deforestation affects insect life on the planet. As well, food supply and food chain for humans around the world is in danger.

Please Donate to PURELAND

PURELAND Zero is a project funded entirely from voluntary donations. Without your support, it is impossible for us to continue our work in protecting rainforests and natural sanctuaries around the world from deforestation and illegal activity. Our goal is to protect pristine ecosystems around the world to secure the future of Planet Earth for our children. It is only with your support that we are able to achieve this.

This is why we greatly appreciate any contribution you feel you can make. Your donation, no matter big or small, will help us to continue to protect nature around the world and to fight climate change. PayPal allows you to securely transfer payments from your account or your credit card.


Teaching Children About Climate Change

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Donate as little as US Dollars 20,- today and receive FREE ebooks

Rescue Renato

Story of Renato


You are donating to PURELAND Zero protect the rainforest lands in the Térraba Sierpe National Wetlands.

Click on the button “DONATE NOW” below and then select the amount you wish to donate.
  • Donate USD 20.00 and protect 10m2 of rainforest land
  • Donate USD 40.00 and protect 20m2 of rainforest land
  • Donate UDS 80.00 and protect 40m2 of rainforest land
  • Donate the amount you wish – one square meter of pristine rainforest land is protected with each USD 2.00 donated.
  • Make a monthly contribution.

Your contribution goes directly towards:
  • the preservation of
    rainforest land and riverine wetland to protect the fragile habitats of rare
    plant species and animals such as crocodiles, sloths, jaguars and numerous bird
    and animal species from contamination
  • to protecting this unique ecosystem from falling prey
    to deforestation by large corporations for utilization for monocultures such as
    palm oil plantations
  • guarding and managing rainforest lands through
    monitoring by compliance professionals
  • acquisition of further rainforest land all over the
    world for future PURELAND projects
  • saving tropical rainforests and ensuring their role in
    harmonizing global carbon dioxide emissions as part of a working carbon cycle
    for future generations
  • educating the public on protecting the environment and
    going green.