We Want to Thank All PURELAND Supporters


The PURELAND Foundation appreciates each and every contribution you are making to save the rainforests.

We cannot fight climate change without your help. As well, we cannot set up further PURELAND projects without your help.

Together we can protect nature.

As a community we can protect the planet.

Joining forces we can ensure our children have a future.

United we are PURELAND Supporters!




Awesome project!


We all have to change the way we live! The time is ripe! We need a lot more projects like this one out there to save the planet for our children and granchildren.


I am devastated by the way our planet is being destroyed! Wake up, people, and smell the coffee! It is time to change our ways.


Deeply impressed by this ingenious idea –  buy land to protect it from destruction. Fighting the corporate world with its own weapons – I love it!


I think protecting the environmental is crucial. Just changing the way we live our lives everyday is not enough, I am always looking for ways I can do even more.


I love sloths! I want my children to experience sloths in the wild when they grow up! My two cents to saving the planet and protecting the rainforest!


I am a former shopping addict and still suffer from consumerism but I am getting better every day, focussing on living a sustainable life on step at a time. PURELAND is a project that I believe in and I feel is really supporting the planet so I want to support saving our world in return.


Climate Change is a huge threat to our future, therefore I am a proud PURELAND Supporter. We all need to chip in and get cracking!


I always try finding small environmental organizations to support because we live a great life here compared to other countries and since I also drive a lot, I want to do something positive for the planet.


My husband and I are raising our kids earth-conscious and part of this includes supporting projects like PURELAND to save the planet and to actively protect the environment.


It is just awful how we are completely neglecting the planet and treating the world like a huge garbage dump. We all have the responsibility to change this.


I am from Germany and just came to the US a while ago where I attented a huge demonstration against climate change. I only became aware then how serious the situation is and that we all have to change the way we live.