Costa Rica – A Unique Place on the Planet

Costa Rica is a unique realm not only in terms of location but also nature. Forests cover 53% of Costa Rica’s territory. In light of the world facing the worst climate crisis of all times, time is running out. However, in Costa Rica unprecedented measures are underway to conserve the natural habitats native to the nation.

The Central American country is home to rare ecosystems like no others in the world. In order to conserve nature, various organizations are implementing projects to save nature.

Costa Rica possesses five percent of the world’s biodiversity. Surprisingly, it makes up just one third of one percent of the earth’s landmass. However, this country contains 4-5% of species estimated to exist on the planet.

A total of 80 organizations are part of the country’s Carbon Neutrality Country Program. Consequently, 77 of these are carbon neutral and 3 have submitted greenhouse gas inventories. Participants include companies, cooperatives and associations.

A Trailblazer in Protecting the Environment

Isla del Coco is a unique island thanks to its geographic location, geological history, as well as oceanographic and climatic conditions. It is also part of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor (CMAR in Spanish). Consequently, the island is a key area for marine and climatic research. Just a few weeks back, Costa Rican Minister of Environment and Energy Carlos Manuel Rodriguez signed a cooperative agreementfor the ecological restoration of Cocos Island National Park.

To date, the National Biodiversity Management Commission (Conagebio) has granted 144 permits for access to biodiversity resources. They are for basic research, bioprospecting or economic exploitation purposes between 2014 to 2016. For instance, the company Chanel got the first marketing permit for an anti-aging cosmetic product. This novel innovation uses a compound derived from the green coffee produced in Nandayure, Guanacaste.

Costa Rica’s Creation of Payment for Environmental Services by Results recognizes farmers who have planted treesand established small areas of agroforestry plantations. In line with this, the Comprehensive Water Supply Program for Guanacaste (PIAAG) is prioritized in the National Development Plan and includes 52 projects and counting.

The PURELAND Zero emission removal project has the objective to preserve the existing primeval rainforest cover on an area of 841.7 hectares in the Térraba Sierpe Forest Lands in Costa Rica.

The Térraba Sierpe Forest Lands are among the largest mangrove forest wetlands in all of Central America. They are a unique and fragile ecosystem, located in Costanera Sur on the Osa peninsula in Puntarenas province in Costa Rica.

By donating to PURELAND Zero, you are helping to preserve rainforest and riverine wetland for future generations. Futhermore, rainforest land that has been protected with PURELAND Zero can no longer fall prey to large corporations. Such corporations are responsible for rainforest deforestation and environmental devastation.

Protecting the Rainforests of Térraba Sierpe

For maximum safety, donations generate encrypted digital certificates of land protection on the blockchain. Contributions made to the PURELAND project in Costa Rica are utilized for monitoring rainforest. In line with this, additional projects around the world are in the planning phase.

The PURELAND Foundation was founded by a group of innovators in the fintech industry who want to make a global societal difference, to combat climate change and to protect the environment. The Foundation supports the creation of positive-impact long-term investment for environmental sustainability and protection.

In summary, we are facing the world’s greatest climate crisis. We all can and need to contribute to protecting the environment and the earth for our children. Therefore, download the free PURELAND Green Tracker Template at the end of this article to track your progress – along with many ideas on how to go green.

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