The Problem with Traditional Donations

If you are like most nature lovers, you enjoy going for walks and hiking. However, your active involvement in conserving the environment is likely a more complex story. Most of us try our best to live green within our means. Still, many of us live far away from the places on the planet that need the most help. Quite a few of us consider donations as convenient option. Regardless, the number of projects in development to combine blockchain technology with saving our planet is growing. In line with this, we can contribute from the comfort of our own homes thanks to new features instead of using traditional donation models.

Blockchain technology and nature conservation, how do these two add up? At first, this may sound like an oxymoron. How can state-of-the-art digital technology running on thousands of computers around the world come in to protect nature?

As a fact, new applications of blockchain technology are emerging on an almost daily basis. Rapid technological development offers amazing features that continually improve applications for all kinds of transactions, including online payments. Simultaneously, these technologies call for unprecedented transparency and data security. Thus, millions and billions of data transactions taking place per second around the globe 24/7 are harboring their own challenges.

What Happens with my Donations?

According to a recent article in Cryptoglobe, “in 2017, individuals in the US contributed $390B in annual charity donations, yet only $9B went towards environmental causes with low contribution levels from younger audiences. In other words, the latter represents a particular disconnect, considering that environment degradation and climate change are among the main global issues among Millennials.“

These figures show us that people are ready to donate to protect the environment. Still, they also indicate that donors want to know what happens to their donation. Millennials want donations to be transparent and personalized. What is more, they want to know what happens to their donation. Finally, they want information on what impact a donation is going to have and where.

Protecting Rainforests with Blockchain Technology

PURELAND Zero is an environmental conservation project based on blockchain technology. The venture was developed by the Pureland Foundation and offers rainforest protectors extensive information on their donations.

Originally, the Pureland Foundation is a group of innovative fintech investors. They are offering a new way to combat climate change. More precisely, their mission entails conserving the Térraba Sierpe National Wetlands in Costanera Sur. This sanctuary is located on the Osa peninsula in Puntarenas province in Costa Rica.

A total 841.7 hectares, PURELAND Zero is home to a primeval rainforest with a density of 340 trees per hectare. The area has a total biomass of 105 tons per hectare and the immediate capacity to host an advanced secondary forest. Also, PURELAND Zero is the preferred habitat of sloths.

Combating Deforestation and Global Warming

The PURELAND Zero project is the first PURELAND project and part of Costa Rica’s accredited Carbon for the Planet project portfolio. Correspondingly, the mission of PURELAND is to execute forestry projects that contribute to the removal of greenhouse gasses. At the same time, projects are restoring, protecting, and managing both green and tropical forests. As a matter of fact, rainforests worldwide are under the threat of deforestation for palm oil and contamination as well as other causes of deforestation. Among other things, these include harvesting of timber and creating room for urbanization, ranching and farming through clear cutting and burning of trees.

All donations made to the PURELAND Zero project are utilized for preserving and monitoring pristine rainforest land for the large variety of fauna and flora native to this area. Contributions are also for financing environmental projects to prevent deforestation of further rainforests and to save our planet for future generations.

Each US Dollars 2,- contributed to PURELAND Zero help to protect one square meter of rainforest land. All contributions are registered in a transparent and immutable way in the blockchain, ensuring that donors can track their donation online 24/7. To find out all the details of the PURELAND project and to donate, please visit the PURELAND website .

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